"Attack Ships
On Fire"

April 2nd - 24th
Every Friday and Saturday @ 10pm

Studio BE, 3110 N. Sheffield Ave. in Chicago

Tickets: $12 at the door, $12 in advance
(click here to buy tickets online)

Premier collaborative theatre company, RoShamBo, presents its first staged production with a triptych of original pieces collectively titled "Attack Ships on Fire." Three one act plays written by Artistic Director, Michael A. Rose and directed by luminaries of the Chicago theatre scene.

A mixture between European style absurd-ism and American politics, these three plays are full of human cannonballs, anthropomorphic canaries, buried meanings ,both figuratively and literally, that must be mined out of the ground, boarding school discipline gone mad, feather-stuffed men and shades of the apocalypse. Using humor as a catalyst for change, these plays attempt to ask and seek answers to the questions surrounding our rights and responsibilities as human beings in the new terrorist-rhetoric centered world. One is left to consider who really writes our history: the winners, or simply those left standing?

John “Jughead” Pierson of the neo-futurists directs "Likely Targets in a Vacuum," a play in which two nearly identical women have to deal with the war-torn aftermath of the human ammunition being fired through their window. Should they fire back, or simply stuff their new guest and keep him around the kitchen to scare off prowlers?

"No Pity", directed by Lauren Platt Baker of Sandhill Theatre, involves a young woman in a bizarro boarding school where the only rules are complete obedience. As the sign on the wall says: “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves.”

Finally, "Canary in a Mineshaft," directed by Chicago theatre veteran Sarah Mostad Buino, features a look at history through the eyes of the absurdists, as two men dig through the physical ruins of metaphorical history. As they find relics, they catalog them, all the while keeping an eye on the beautiful canary, a girl whose death may mean the death of us all.

Attack Ships on Fire opens April 2nd with performances every Friday and Saturday at 10PM thru April 24th. All performances will take place at Studio BE, located at 3110 N. Sheffield Ave. in Chicago. Tickets are $12 at the door and can be purchased in advance for $10 online at www.roshambotheatre.com.

RoShamBo Theatre is new to the Chicago scene, primarily existing to serve as a catalyst for the production of new work and innovative twists on previously seen work, experimenting in both form, content and space. The company of passionate artists work toward an aesthetic that strives to include the audience and create theatrical events as opposed to simply ushering people in to watch a play and go home. For more information on the company and upcoming events visit www.roshambotheatre.com or become a fan on facebook!